Community fundraising activities with Headway Suffolk

16 July 2020, 09:30am - 12:30pm
Headway suffolk
Location: TBC
Suffolk, United Kingdom

Join us in July for business networking with Headway Suffolk.

Headway Suffolk provides a wide range of rehabilitation, therapy and support services to adults with brain injury, stroke or neurological conditions and their families. 

Eight people a day in Suffolk are admitted to hospital with a head injury in the country and they will be typically left with difficulties with their behaviours, cognition, memory, mobility, speech and fatigue. Headway helps users to work on these issues and skills to improve their independence, confidence and reduce isolation at our rehabilitation hubs, in peoples homes and local community.

Team Do Good will be helping to prepare for community fundraising activities. More details to follow! 

Community fundraising activities with Headway Suffolk

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