Decorating with Headway Suffolk

23 June 2022, 09:30am - 12:30pm
Headway suffolk
Headway House,
Ipswich, Suffolk, United Kingdom , IP3 9FJ

What a fantastic morrning we had at Headway Suffolk.

After easing into the event with coffee, introductions and networking we split into groups to crack on with the numerous tasks asked of us.

With lots to be done the jobs were quickly divided. From loading the car with unwanted items ready to go the tip, finishing painting the wall in the craft room, painting part of the hallway, organising food parcels and the shelves in the pantry and washing a fleet of cars.

A big thanks to everyone that attended, we hope you enjoyed yourselves and went back to work feeling great!

Decorating with Headway Suffolk
Headway Suffolk
Liberty paintings the coridor at headway
Liberty paintings the coridor at headway
Miranda and Liberty painting the corridor
Helping sort out the pantry at headway
packing food bags at headway suffolk
Painting the art room wall blue at headway suffolk
Decorating in the art room at headway
Painting an internal wall blue
Milo and Jen washing the fleet cars
Washing cars at headway suffolk
Washing the fleet cars at headway
Row of cleaned pool cards at Headway Suffolk
Andy washing cars